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Tips for Alpaca Mittens and Gloves

Hi, Alpaca Mittens & Gloves Fans!  There are so many different alpaca mittens & gloves options for fans or would-be fans of alpaca handwear that it can be overwhelming choosing among them.   How do you choose?  It’s hard to go wrong, as alpaca gloves & alpaca mittens of whatever style will be wonderfully warm, and unlike wool, they’re not itchy or scratchy on the skin.  Why not?  Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, the common reason for itchiness.  Moreover, alpaca fiber has a hollow core which makes it ideal for retaining warmth.

As for choosing among the many different styles, the primary consideration should be the uses to which you’d like to put the alpaca gloves/mittens.  Lighter-weight styles are perfect for milder weather or as a liner underneath other gloves or mittens, while heavier-weight styles are great even for very cold, extended-time winter wear.

Have you heard about alpaca glittens?  They’re another style of alpaca handwear that we’ll talk about next week, so check back then if you’re curious about those.

If you have any other questions about alpaca gloves or alpaca mittens that you’d like us to answer for you, feel free to ask & we’ll be happy to answer.