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Pin Loom Alpaca Scarf Update

Basic Pin Loom Alpaca ScarfMy alpaca scarf pin loom project has actually progressed to a completed alpaca scarf!!  I stitched together all of the individual checkered and striped squares in an alternating sequence to create a unique-looking alpaca scarf, pictured here at the right side.  Thankfully, the two-color patterning happily hides the occasional weaving mistakes to a large extent!  So is that it??  Not quite.  I would like to add an edging to give the scarf a more finished look – for that purpose, I intend to use a single crochet stitch, a stitch simple enough for even a beginner like me.  Will also want to add fringe, and finally block the scarf to provide a more even shape to it.  So be sure to check back if you’d like to see what the final version of my pin loom alpaca scarf looks like.