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Cleaning Alpaca Sweaters

You’ve just invested in a luxurious alpaca sweater. How do you care for it properly? Here are a few tips on cleaning alpaca sweaters for you.

Many times the label on an alpaca sweater will tell you “dry clean only.” Well, if you are independently wealthy, that is certainly an option. In many cases, however, it is equally O.K. to hand wash the sweater – just take care to use cool water & a mild detergent, & gently squeeze the sweater in the water rather than wringing it out. Gently rinse the sweater in similarly cool clean water & then roll the sweater in a large towel to blot out the excess moisture. Lay it flat to dry. Your sweater will be beautiful for years to come!

What about storage of your alpaca sweater? Next time we’ll give you some tips about storing alpaca sweaters that you may not have been aware of.