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Alpaca Dryer Balls

alpaca dryer ballsWe now have Alpaca Dryer Balls in both our on-line store and at our ranch store.

What are alpaca dryer ball? Alpaca dryer balls are an inexpensive and reusable Eco-Friendly alternative to dryer sheets. Place the alpaca dryer balls in your dryer for a natural way to soften and fluff your laundry. Just leave them there between loads. They help reduce the drying time by as much as 25%, saving on your electric bill. The dryer balls reduce wrinkles and static without the use of dyes or harsh and potentially toxic chemicals. The size is about 1.2 oz., about 2.7”, roughly the size of a tennis ball.

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Thanksgiving 2017 Weekend Open Ranch

Cindy and Mom Sonya

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, Blue Mesa Alpacas is holding an extended Open Ranch event the end of Thanksgiving weekend, Friday through Sunday, November 24th – 26th.  The event will feature free ranch tours.  Enjoy mingling with our fantastic alpacas and hand-feeding them treats.  Don’t forget to bring along your camera for some great picture-taking fun.

Open Ranch Hours:  11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.       When:  Friday – Sunday, Nov. 24th – 26th

Our Farm Store will be open throughout the event, offering a wide array of fine alpaca products, all on an Open-Ranch SPECIAL for 20% off regular prices.  Enjoy holiday shopping in our relaxed setting – it’s a great opportunity to select a unique alpaca gift for that special someone on your holiday list.   If you’re not able to visit in person this weekend, note that our On-Line Store will also have the same 20% off sale on all alpaca products Friday through Sunday, Nov. 24th – 26th.  To check out the full collection on our On-Line Store, just go to our Blue Mesa Store Shop right now!

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August Alpaca Yarns Sale

alpaca yarns collage

We’d like to let you know about our E-Store August 2017 Special:  ALL of our wonderful alpaca yarns are on sale for 20% off regular E-Store prices throughout the month of August.  We have a wide assortment of both natural and dyed yarns, including yarns from our own alpacas, both huacaya and suri.  You’ll find a good selection of both 100% alpaca yarns and alpaca blends.  Even if you don’t have a specific knitting project in mind just now, why not take advantage of our August sale to add some luxurious alpaca yarn to your yarn stash – it will be sure to come in handy for some special fall or winter knitting project!

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February Children’s Shop Special

Children's Shop Alpaca Products Collage

We’d like to let you know about our February 2017 special.  All alpaca products for children are on sale for 20% off regular prices throughout the month of February.  We have a great assortment of alpaca products for kids of all ages.  With the full force of winter upon us, now’s a great time to treat your child to a warm pair of alpaca mittens or a cozy alpaca hat.  To check out our full selection of alpaca products for children, just click here to go to our Children’s Shop page on our E-Store.

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February Alpaca Vests Special

alpaca vests

Alpaca Vests on Sale!

We’d like to let you know some information about our February 2016 E-Store Special:  ALL alpaca vests are on sale throughout February for 20% off regular E-Store prices (the prices shown reflect the 20% discount).  Our alpaca vests include a wide assortment of beautiful colors and styles, both men’s and women’s.  With the full force of winter upon us, now’s a great time to treat yourself to an alpaca vest that will be sure to keep you wonderfully warm and cozy even on the coldest days!  To check out our full selection of alpaca vests, just click on our Vests shop page here.

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An Eco-Friendly Warm Alpaca Bed for Your Pet!

Pet Dogs and Cats

Check out our newest product – an alpaca pet bed. Each of these beds is individually designed & made by Louise of Blue Mesa Ranch. The bed is filled with felted alpaca fiber from our own herd.

How the pet bed is made.alpaca pet bed

The alpaca filling is recycled from alpaca fiber remnants generated during mill processing of our raw fiber into yarns – rather than simply throwing those remnants away, we decided to put them to a good use. The felted alpaca is a wonderful insulator against the cold that your dog or cat is sure to love. At a finished size of 35″ x 30″, the bed can readily accommodate even larger dogs.  Moreover, the bed is made to take rugged wear – the cover is a durable plaid cotton twill fabric with double-sewn bias tape edging & crosswise lines of stitching at 3 inch intervals across the length of the pad.

Go Green with our pet bed.

Here’s a chance to be eco-friendly while treating your pet to the warm luxury of an alpaca bed! For more details, go to the Alpaca Pet Bed entry on our Home Decore page.  If you’d like to try making an alpaca pet bed of your own, we have recycled felted alpaca pieces for sale in the Fiber/Roving section of our Yarns & Fiber page, just click here.

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Pin Loom Alpaca Scarf Post Script

Final Pin Loom Alpaca ScarfDrum Roll . . . . Here it is, the final version of the alpaca scarf I made from squares (“weavies”) woven on a pin loom.   As planned, I added an edging using the single crochet stitch to give the scarf a more finished look.  I’m happy to report that the single crochet stitching in fact did go easily & looked great.  Using the darker black color alpaca yarn rather than the fawn color yarn for the edging gave the scarf a very attractive defined border.  For the fringe, I chose a 4 inch length & combined the two yarn colors for a very coordinated look with the scarf colors themselves, trimming the fringes to about 3.5 inches to even them all out after they were attached.  Prior to attaching the fringe pieces, I blocked the scarf to produce a more even edging on it (very necessary in this case since the individual squares when attached together did not all line up perfectly).  Not bad for a total amateur!!

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November Alpaca Hats Special

alpaca hats

We’d like to let you know about our E-Store Special for the month of November 2015:  ALL alpaca hats are on sale for 20% off regular prices throughout November (prices shown reflect the 20% discount).  Our alpaca hat collection includes a wide assortment of styles, ranging from the traditional Peruvian earflap (chullo) hats to beanies and berets and even alpaca fur hats.  Super warm and cozy, they’re a perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe for the cold winter months just ahead!  You can view our full selection now by clicking on our Hats shop page here.