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An Eco-Friendly Warm Alpaca Bed for Your Pet!

Pet Dogs and Cats

Check out our newest product – an alpaca pet bed. Each of these beds is individually designed & made by Louise of Blue Mesa Ranch. The bed is filled with felted alpaca fiber from our own herd.

How the pet bed is made.alpaca pet bed

The alpaca filling is recycled from alpaca fiber remnants generated during mill processing of our raw fiber into yarns – rather than simply throwing those remnants away, we decided to put them to a good use. The felted alpaca is a wonderful insulator against the cold that your dog or cat is sure to love. At a finished size of 35″ x 30″, the bed can readily accommodate even larger dogs.  Moreover, the bed is made to take rugged wear – the cover is a durable plaid cotton twill fabric with double-sewn bias tape edging & crosswise lines of stitching at 3 inch intervals across the length of the pad.

Go Green with our pet bed.

Here’s a chance to be eco-friendly while treating your pet to the warm luxury of an alpaca bed! For more details, go to the Alpaca Pet Bed entry on our Home Decore page.  If you’d like to try making an alpaca pet bed of your own, we have recycled felted alpaca pieces for sale in the Fiber/Roving section of our Yarns & Fiber page, just click here.