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An Alpaca Scarf Weavie Project Unfolds

Square Stripe Weavie Collage

Liking the look of the alpaca yarn striped and checkered weavie squares, I considered how the squares might be used for something to wear, and the idea of creating a unique alpaca scarf from them came to mind.  A general advantage of using weavies as opposed to knitting or crocheting something like a basic scarf is that one can easily combine squares of different colors and/or designs to make a unique-looking overall pattern.  In this instance, I liked the look created by alternating striped and checkered squares, and decided to go with that as the basic patterning.

Square Stripe Square Weavie StringsDetermining that 12 inches (3 weavies) would be an appropriate scarf width and 57 inches (17 rows) a good length, I experimented with groupings of the individual squares and decided to alternate 3-weavie rows containing stripe-check-stripe weavies with rows of check-stripe-check weavies.  The pics here show that the rows are reversible, except that the stripes will have the alternate orientation on the reverse side, so I could opt for either consistent or varied-orientation rows in the overall scarf patterning.Stripe Square Stripe Weavie Strings

Next Steps:  First, to weave enough individual squares to create a 57 inch long scarf, namely, 51 weavies in all!  That has taken some time, but I’m finally at the stage of seaming my groups of 3 squares together.   Next steps will be to connect those rows, and finally to do some type of simple edge border.  You’ll want to check back to see how all that is turning out!