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Alpaca Yarn Stripes on a Pin Loom

Stripe Alpaca WeavieWhat if you’re more of a “stripe” than a “check” sort of person? Using alpaca yarn to create a basic stripe pattern on a pin loom turns out to be super easy. Here’s how: Do the first wrap with one color (Color A). Cut off that yarn, & tie on the second color yarn (Color B) with a single loose knot, moving the knot as close as possible to the loom. Use this second yarn color for the second & third wraps. Cut it then, & tie on the first color yarn (A) – use that color for the weaving stage. Check out my first alpaca striped weavie at the left.

How much yarn does it take for a stripe weavie of this kind? If you’re using a 2-ply sport weight alpaca yarn, as I did, the weavie takes about 4.5 yds. of Color A (used for the first wrap & weaving) & 3.67 yds. of Color B (used for second & third wraps).

Once you’ve gotten the idea of how to create these square weavies, what next? There are tons of options, but basic to many of them is the need to attach multiple squares together.   Next time we’ll talk about some simple ways to accomplish that.